Another Test 2

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Had to take the form out. Spam madness.

Private viewing on LinkedIn

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I found this the other day, and based on the number of times I’ve emailed it out this week, it seems not so many people are aware of it.

When you are logged in to LinkedIn and looking at people’s profiles, by default they can see that you have been there. You may have seen it with your profile that the following people have looked at you.

This can be sort of creepy if you think about it, especially if you are just browsing.

You can change this setting if you want.

Change your LinkedIn Viewing privacy.

This is helpful if you are searching through linked in looking for a contact or resource, or many other reasons I’m sure people have. I usually let everyone see what I do because I am comfortable with that. If you are not, change the setting and you’ll be more private.

Customize ShareThis URL and Title

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Here’s the problem. I’m putting on a webinar and I wanted to increase the social reach, so on the landing page for the webinar, I used the ShareThis tools to create share buttons. No problem so far.

After people go through the GoToWebinar registration steps, they get redirected to a page that I specify, which I made as a great Thank you page. On this page I provide links to some other resources that are related to the webinar, constantly adding value every step of the way.

Clearly, when someone gets to this Thank You page, they are going to say “WOW! I didn’t do it before, but I really need to share this webinar with my friends.” And of course I want them to be able to do it. This is where things get sticky. When I put the ShareThis code on the page, it shares the Thank You page, not the landing page where people can register. This is no good. I could rewrite the Thank You page so that it makes sense to someone who hasn’t registered yet. Or do some fancy detection to see their referrer and redirect them if not the actual registration page. There’s got to be an easier way.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. ShareThis allows you to pass a series of values to the tool so that you can specify the URL, Title, Image, and description of the page that you WANT them to share. Very cool and helpful, and as a bonus, very easy. A lot easier than the custom redirect based on referrer approach for sure.

Here is a link to all the details directly from ShareThis. GO THERE >>

Hope you find this helpful. Have fun!

A Gear in Illustrator

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Yes, I’m a moron who doesn’t use Illustrator much anymore.

There have been several times where I needed a simple gear or series of gears for something and it was always a pain in the ass. It was never a massive part of the project, just a small additional element, meaning I never really put any time into figuring out how to do it. I usually would find a free vector gear, or autotrace a jpg and clean it up. One time I even used to pen to make one with an image template.

I finally put a few (very few) minutes of thought on it and came up with this approach, which works just fine for what I’ve needed. After I take it into Cinema4D or something similar, it can get super funky, but this is where I need it for now, and a lot faster than it used to take me.


The real learning lesson? Take a few minutes to figure out how to do things right in the beginning and you will save a ton of time in the long run.

Playing with Video Tracking

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Bop Skizzum going old school with the jams.

Hope you enjoy. I needed a video up to test the tracking with MediaGauge from Epic Playground. 🙂

Between Jobs

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Yes. My job at my company was “dissolved” over the summer. That was the actual phrase that I was told. Like an Alka-Seltzer in a warm Sprite, I was dissolved. I can handle that. I’ve been laid off before. Several times actually.

My first time (you always remember your first time) was when Montgomery Ward Credit was purchased by GE Capital back in 1990 or so. I worked in the Montgomery Ward credit office as the guy who would decide if you could get that credit extension to buy a new washing machine on your MW credit card. Yes, that was me. When the cashier would call on the special direct line credit hot line phone, they would get me, a 20 year old college student who could work a computer and frequently showed up to work sober. When GE came in, they made some changes including eliminating any sense of humor, which meant me. Oh well. I was moving to the beach in 2 months anyway.

Then there was Bullwhackers’ Casinos. I’m not supposed to tell you this, but if you ever went to one of those events where there was a bull mascot for Bullwhackers’ named Lucky, there was a good chance it was me. I was the Art Director, but I always go the extra mile or 6, and had a blast putting on the bull costume and playing up the role for everyone around. Thankfully, I did not have to be in the suit when we were at the Boulder Air Show on a 120 degree blacktop tarmac. I get to be Lucky (TO BE Lucky, not get lucky) when we gave $1,000,000 to a woman in Aurora when the Broncos won the Super Bowl the first time. That was a night in a bull suit to remember. But eventually they had to cut the art department to “save money” and let me go, so I went. They hired me back a few years later when they found out how much ad agencies cost.

Next up was the post-Sprint-non-merger WorldCom collapse. Yep, first round layoff, I was. As we went down the crapper, I was making websites and videos saying how cool it was to be working for such a great, forward thinking, trend setting company. Considering Enron, maybe they were trendsetting. WORLDCOM: Leading the world in fail.

Blah blah blah who the hell cares? Let bygones be bygones. The point is now I am “between jobs” again. (got any freelance needs? I can’t quite figure out why if I’m “between jobs” I’m so freaking busy. Every day, I wake up, apply for jobs, hope for freelance opportunities, run to phone interviews, do anything I can do to make some cash, fill out reams of paperwork for unemployment, spend a few hours on the phone with unemployment people, not to mention cook, clean, pick up dog crap, and all the other things that I can’t afford to pay anyone to do anymore. It’s freaking exhausting with no apparent payoff in sight. Much like parenting.

As I look for jobs these days, I’ve found an entirely new perspective on the super amazing start-up community here in the Denver-Boulder area. I love start-ups, the amazing work, the cutting edge tech, the energy, and the excitement, but I can’t feed my family with company equity. I swear, I would love to work with you for the next 2 years for free until the company takes off, we get huge investment and we can all retire, but I’m not sure my family can avoid eating for that long. Or living in a building. We had a family meeting and voted, and we all want to live INSIDE a building. A safe building. Sorry. I feel like a wimp for saying it, but I like to eat. And live in a building.

So as I am “between jobs”, it seems that every day I am constantly running between my thousands of other tasks which are now my jobs. It’s yet another great learning opportunity to figure out new skills in time management, cooking, and situation juggling. As I figure it out, I’m be sure to share.

How do you manage your time in our crazy maniacal world? Do you have any tools or techniques? I could use the help.

Life is magical

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Amazing inspiring overwhelming ass-kicking magicalness. That’s why I am the way I am, act the way I act, do the things I do, work the work that I have chosen, because being alive is a fucking amazing magical thing that just to be part of it is so fucking overwhelming how could I not be stunned into silence at the beauty of it! Isn’t that the way?

The magic of being alive has never been something I’ve had to search for, work at, chase or even try to define, it was always there. Every day discovering new things that I didn’t know before, new patterns that I didn’t know were possible, an amazing present and history of life that was there to be absorbed every waking moment. Magic in it’s purest form – unrelenting heart-melting stunning fucking amazement every fucking day. Beauty condensed into a concentrated elixir so focused, so deliberate, the only result is an eternal, soul-wrenching addiction.

How the fuck does this fit into real life? There are the sacrifices that I make for what I deem socially acceptable behavior, of course, I totally understand and accept that. I want a job. I want to pay taxes. If it went to people of even moderate intelligence I’d gladly pay even more taxes. I want to provide for my family. I want my son to go to a safe school. I want to be able to go to a restaurant to eat dinner, too. Sure. But is that the trade off? Is that the black and white binary choice I have to make?
To get to the heart, for some reason, right now, in this instant, when all should be amazing and super, I don’t feel the magic. The spirits have left me, drifting, alone, waiting.


Maybe they are nearby, waiting for me to ask the right question. Maybe they are watching, observing, studying me until they can decide if I can handle the TRUTH. Or even recognize it.

Looking back

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Being able to look back through a diary, journal, or blog can be a great tool for reflecting and finding a new path. Sometimes you realize that you have been on the same path for a long time, and are still trying to fix it. I’ll get there. I didn’t get to this point in a day, and it will take more than a day to make it right.



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This is us. All three of us identified by our Netflix account. Just a snapshot of the moment, and revealing many moments. Several moments in every episode, for sure.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Wind

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The wind blows and the trees whisper. Leaves shake and some fall. The wind brings changes and challenges. Sometimes the wind is a gentle breeze that cools you, and sometimes it is an F5 tornado that throws projectile 2×4’s through your abdomen while you sleep. Either way, the wind blows.

What should be done with this wind?

I suggest make a kite. A big flexible kite and enjoy the wind. And the change it brings.

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