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  • Bolton in the UN

    What the hell does Michael Bolton know about the UN? Why is he even being nominated? Bush is a freak.

  • Values

    Values. I hear every day about values. What values are we talking about? Can we define them explicitly? Can we apply the general term “values” to every person in our nation? Do each and every one of us have to subscribe to the exact same set of “values”? Was our country founded on freedom? Did […]

  • My way

    As I continue to strive for the least updated but not quite abandoned blog ever, I have run into some problems. Apparently, the judges feel that when you finally do post something, you are supposed to give some type of reason for why you were away, and laziness just doesn’t cut it. You should also […]

  • GOPenises

    Can the Republican party be fractured like the Democratic party has? So many issues, how many are hot button issues?

  • Stuff it in

    It is interesting how different people view a garbage disposal. Some people just use it so they don’t have to strain all the crumbs and gunk from their sink when washing dishes. Some people try to stuff an entire emu down there.

  • There and back again

    How can you tell if someone is going crazy or coming back? Are they half-crazy either way?

  • Time

    The more I try to simplify my life, the tougher it seems. Does the world resist it being thought of as simple? To see so much and be held away. Only time is said to cure the ill. Wait for it. Wait some more. Still waiting and no change yet. How much time is there? […]

  • Welcome Aimee

    I would like to welcome Aimee to the notification list. Welcome Aimee.

  • Tiny pulps

    Why go through all the trouble and time of letting a tree grow huge just to grind it up into pulp to make paper? Why can’t we figure out a way to make pulp from tiny little organisims that grow like crazy on their own? Bacteria or yeast for example. Or even tiny little tree […]

  • Fresh start

    If you were going to populate a planet with a society with no cultural or historical baggage of their own, what would you have them learn? What would you give them to start with. What books, information, knowledge, etc. The goal would be to have a peaceful, healthy, sustainable society. They would be as isolated […]

  • Home alone

    Thoughts at random. They come and go as they please. I watch like a drunk watches heavy traffic at sunset. I don’t know where they come from or where they originate. Like evolution randomly trying different ways to form life, different trials and tests, associations and cooperations, some that work, some that don’t. To me, […]

  • Solicit me

    I have a house, and marketers are allowed to litter it every day with little flyers and trash to advertise their stuff. In order to stop it, I have to put up an ugly ass sign that says “no soliciting”. How about people that want trash stuck to their doors can put up a sign […]