Aim away

A is in Mexico. We are here. It is still snowing. I don’t really mind. I did get the Element stuck in the snow for the first time this evening. Yahoo! Playing around and bashed into a big pile of snow. Jeff and Declan were with me, Dex was happy, Jeff was not. But we got out. So the Element is not invincible after all. Oh well. Rubicon or Defender would be fine one day. They just need to get the mileage up a bit.

Working on Animation for Bob’s class and thinking about doing Animation Mentor in the next year or so. Expensive, but a hell of a lot cheaper than any of the local schools. Plus, it is taught by Pixar, ILM, etc. employees. Top notch people to learn from.

Would need to learn Maya. Probably should anyway. Industry standard and all. Bob thinks that Maya will get dropped since Autodesk bought Alias, but I don’t think so. Too big of a base and too many people are committed to it. We’ll see.