Business Idea #331

Aimee took photos of all the soccer team this week. Here are the photos link

Would it be possible to set up a photo site that would be able to take all these photos, put them in little frames so they look like trading cards, and then parents would be able to order a set of trading cards for their team?

I think the kids could have fun trying to collect their league. Especially the little ones. Also, wouldn’t it be fun to have a youth team trading card for some far in the future super star? “I’ve got he David Beckham card from when he was 8-years old.”

Wonder if a store that carries trading cards would be interested in becoming some kind of sponsor for it, since it would get more kids interested in the whole trading card scene. Promos for comic and card shops could be customized per zip code.

Need to ask Jeff what he thinks about printing processes and card stocks. Wonder if Augie would want to be in on this one?

Would a group like Colorado Fusion be interested in offering this as part of their deal. They are a pretty organized group and could give it get a good foothold.

Then eventually, when the idea is shown successful (as it most certainly will be!), trademark it, package it up and sell it to Shutterfly so they can offer it on their site.