Could a Roomba handle this?

I turned on the default theme so that I could post from the iPhone app. Hope you all like it.

The plan when I got the app was that I would be able to be more flexible and post more often. That hasn’t happened yet, really. Especially with an app that wouldn’t connect to the blog. Odd. But a common problem, at least for me with this app. Hopefully we are past that, and can start fresh. So without further adieu:

The dog exploded all over the floor today. 3 times. 3 completely independent events, each one consisting of a large amount of liquid crap. Really. Didn’t know he could hold that much. Fascinating really. At one point I thought Gene Wilder was going to fall out of there. I’d feel bad for the guy  if he showed any sort of remorse about the whole thing (the dog, not Gene – I’d certainly feel bad for Gene if he fell out of a dogs butt). “Foodman, look how I covered the entire room except for the path you walk to feed me! Aren’t I special? What?”

I’m pretty sure he keeps getting giardia  from the day camp he goes to, but I can’t be sure. Yet. There’s got to be a way to find the source. Need to switch some things around to find out. When the weather warms up, they go play in the pool, and I think he drinks and gets infected again. Poor shit spraying bastard. You know the old saying: Hate the shit, love the shitter. Cleaning the kitchen floor, again, at 10pm isn’t really my idea of a cool evening. I currently smell like bleach (need to kill the giardia) but the floor is clean. The finish on the hardwoods is wearing away at a phenomenal pace, too.

But let’s look on the bright side. The floor is clean (now). He’s generally a good dog. I understand more of what the Untouchable Caste has to deal with daily. He doesn’t do it on the rug anymore. I have a purpose in my life, a challenge to overcome, and new opportunities will arise. And I get to see what the world looks like at 2am and 4:30am when he wakes me up to go out every night.

If anybody can recommend a day camp for dogs, I’m all ears. Or an iPhone app that cleans up liquid poop.

ps. I wanted this post to be funnier, but I have been cleaning shit for the last 2 hours. Badbanana doesn’t have to clean shit up.