Crafting a Cover Letter – Would you hire me?

Name Tag for Bugfrog

I’m looking for a new job, so I get to send out cold-open letters that I hope will cut through the clutter of all the other letters companies receive these days.

How’s this sound? Would you hire me? Will you? Please?

Dear Future Co-worker,

Astronaut-Samurai-Plumber. If you want to hire someone, that’s the description you want to see. All the best qualities, all in one.

Smart, a team-player, but self-sufficient, flexible, and resourceful.

Dedicated, efficient, good with tools, and as refined as events require.

When you need one, you NEED one. Whatever it is, fix it.

Astronaut-Samurai-Plumbers are unique. They’re not afraid to look at things from new angles, find a new solution. They might even write a cover letter in third person. Isn’t that who you want in a creative? Someone who takes the time to not just make things, but make things happen.

How do you find an Astronaut-Samurai-Plumber? They work in places that keep them challenged. Shifting responsibilities, diverse duties– jack-of-all-trades-type jobs. That is where they stand out. “Master of none” is the tail end of that old saying, but the Astronaut-Samurai-Plumber doesn’t fall into that trap. They build on each task, connecting and refining so that each skill is linked, each step is part of a whole. Each new task gets integrated into a flexible system. Handling the details to create the big picture, that’s how they work.

They usually don’t put Astronaut-Samurai-Plumber at the top of their resume (because what kind of maniac would do that?), so you need to be alert. Watch for a person who doesn’t focus on a job title, but on what they really do. Look for someone who accepts challenges and builds on them. And most importantly, stay alert for the person who keeps progressing without taking it too seriously. That’s the key. If someone like that applies to your company, make sure you call them. Talk to them in person. It’s worth the time.

And then I wrap it up with contact information. What do you think? Any suggestions?