Customize ShareThis URL and Title

Here’s the problem. I’m putting on a webinar and I wanted to increase the social reach, so on the landing page for the webinar, I used the ShareThis tools to create share buttons. No problem so far.

After people go through the GoToWebinar registration steps, they get redirected to a page that I specify, which I made as a great Thank you page. On this page I provide links to some other resources that are related to the webinar, constantly adding value every step of the way.

Clearly, when someone gets to this Thank You page, they are going to say “WOW! I didn’t do it before, but I really need to share this webinar with my friends.” And of course I want them to be able to do it. This is where things get sticky. When I put the ShareThis code on the page, it shares the Thank You page, not the landing page where people can register. This is no good. I could rewrite the Thank You page so that it makes sense to someone who hasn’t registered yet. Or do some fancy detection to see their referrer and redirect them if not the actual registration page. There’s got to be an easier way.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. ShareThis allows you to pass a series of values to the tool so that you can specify the URL, Title, Image, and description of the page that you WANT them to share. Very cool and helpful, and as a bonus, very easy. A lot easier than the custom redirect based on referrer approach for sure.

Here is a link to all the details directly from ShareThis. GO THERE >>

Hope you find this helpful. Have fun!