End of 2009. How’d it go?

Oh crap. Time to review and see how I did. I’m not looking forward to this. Like last year, I get a point if I completed something, and a half a point if I at least made some progress.

2009 Resolution To-Do list That Was.

  1. Actively do things to create happiness in my life. Penguin put up a post about survival that resonated with me considering the past 39 years or so. A desire for comfort and a passive outlook have been barriers that need to be removed. Thanks for clarifying. Identifying the enemy makes it a better target.
    • Some progress here, but I don’t feel I can give a half point, so zero.
  2. Plan and have more date nights with Aimee. We need more good time together instead of just serving the various masters we are slaves to. The passive outlook plays here. I need to actively create the time we need to spend together. Once a month for starters.
    • We both are trying, but this has still been a challenge. Half point.
  3. Be the person that I want my son to grow up to be. Not angry, passive, and bitter. If I can’t do it for myself, I need to set the example for him. I don’t care what he does in life, I just want to make sure he has the tools to explore, discover, set, and achieve his own goals.
    • Strangely enough, I think I can take a point on this. I’m not done yet, and I’ve slipped a few times,  but I think I’ve made some huge improvements here, and actively keep this in my mind all the time. Allowing him to teach me about the world is allowing me to guide him at the same time. It’s strange and difficult, but social.
  4. Be the friend I want to be and want to have. In 2008 I didn’t make enough time for friends and was usually tired and useless when I did. Friends are hugely important to me and I need to make sure they know that.
    • Half point. This year was better, but my friends deserve better than that.
  5. Get electronically organized. I’m working with at least 3 blogs, 6 email addresses, Google Apps, iGoogle, Exchange Servers, iCal, Mobile phones, iPod Touch, Paper notebooks, a Laptop, at least 2 main Desktop computers, school computers, you get the idea. This is far less than other people who do a great job of being organized. How to get a handle on this, I’m not quite sure. Suggestions welcome.
    • I’m making progress here. Organizing and eliminating seems to help. iPhone and a MobileMe account is helping, but still not 100%. I keep watching things like BusyCal and Google for better solutions. Still work to do though. Half point.
  6. Build at least 2 fully functioning sites with Je. (Obviously, Je’s feelings on this are important, and I actually hope we can do more, but I don’t want to scare anyone.) MyLinkChop and hopefully PickTheWeather will get done. This is totally possible, and I’ll be pissed at myself if I don’t get there.
    • MyLinkChop is moving along, and actually expanding out to include JoyTo.Us and MyMiddle.Name. We are close, I just need to get my part done. James has an Android app built for LinkChop. Gotta be more like James, and not let him down. Half point.
  7. An extension of the previous one, meet out regularly with Je. We seem to be able to develop good ideas together and it is fun. Hopefully I won’t be a complete lazy pain in his ass.
    • Full point! We’ve been doing this and getting things done. Somewhat less done on my side, but doing something.
  8. Don’t be a complete lazy pain in the ass. It seems easier for me to react to the energy of the people around me than to generate my own energy and motivation. That needs to change (passive outlook again?)Half point for being a partial lazy pain in the ass.
    • Getting better, but still get sucked up and overwhelmed by daily crap. Gotta figure out a way to break this cycle. Half point.
  9. Plan out at least 3 more ideas for sites and/or projects to do beyond ones that actually get built. Plan them extensively, not just a brain fart. I have lots of ideas for animations, scripts, stories, games, etc. Make them happen. Don’t settle for ideas.
    • Half point. Evernote is a great thing. I can note down stuff all the time and I do. Now I just need to expand on them and fill them out. Again, technology is helping with this.
  10. Build a game in Unity. This is great software that I know I could do some awesome things with. Lets do it.
    • 100% fail. Have ideas though.
  11. Learn AS3 and become a kick ass flash guy. Even if work never moves an inch, I need to do this.
    • Half point. Making some progress, but not nearly enough.
  12. Learn more Maya and 3d. Build things. Don’t talk about it. Build it.Fail on the Maya, and 3D hasn’t progressed too much.
    • Zero.
  13. Learn to network and talk comfortably with other people I don’t know. I really suck at this. Bad. I think being able to talk to other humans without alcohol involved would be helpful.
    • Half point. Actually getting into social situations would help.
  14. More public speaking. At least 3 public speaking opportunities. This is in addition to if I teach the game class again.
    • Didn’t quite make it, I think I did 2 this year. Half point.
  15. Drink less alcohol. Long ago for many years I drank to numb and dull my senses to be able to handle the world around me. I don’t want to do that anymore. I’ll need to find a different way to deal, but I can put that energy elsewhere.
    • Half point.
  16. Travel. Make at least 3 trips this year, anywhere. Also, ultralight travel. Less stuff, more opportunity.
    • Half point. Aimee planned a great trip to Ireland this year, and we had a great time in Winter Park over Spring Break. Was there another? I can’t remember.
  17. Train Poe. He’s going to be HUGE and he needs to be well behaved. It takes time and energy. I can do it.
    • Poe is getting better. He still runs off to see other dogs sometimes. But I think that is mostly because I don’t give him enough time. Lots of treats helps. Point.
  18. Paint the house. Inside and the trim outside. It needs it. Get it done. It shouldn’t take more than a hard week or 2.
    • Fail.

8.5 points total

Out of an 18 possible, not the best if you look at the numbers. But I’m not looking at it that way. This is a journey, and progress is the key. I’m getting geared up for next year! What’s going to be on the new list? Only the Shadow knows!