Failed Experiment

That didn’t work at all. What was it? Did you see it? Hopefully not. A weekly digest of all my tweets as a blog post, automagically generated and posted with no effort from me at all (except to turn it on). Interesting idea, but only if you are saying anything interesting at either location. Otherwise, it ends up being overkillingly dull and lifeless. Who wants that? Not me, that’s probably why I stopped reading my blog.

The point is, it’s gone, and I am back to my random and intermittent schedule of posting, that we all have grown comfortable with. Don’t say I don’t do things for you. I am here to serve.

Hopefully I’ll get some more things going on here and actually be able to provide something of interest. It’s that time thing. I guess if I got up and just did it for 15 minutes a day, and let it fly no matter what, that would be something. That would jam a spike in my procrastination-perfectionist disorder, but maybe that’s a good thing. Worth a shot. What’s the worst that could happen?