Good Advice from a World Playa

In an interview with Steve Inskeep of NPR, John McCain said he has turned to Mrs. Palin many times in the past for foreign policy advice. Many times in the past month or so that he has known her? Maybe after she met with the UN and foreigners for the first time, she had some fresh insight on foreign policy.

Here is the transcript from the interview and the link to it:

Given what you’ve said, senator, is there an occasion where you could imagine turning to Gov. Palin for advice in a foreign policy crisis?

I’ve turned to her advice many times in the past. I can’t imagine turning to Sen. Obama or Sen. Biden, because they’ve been wrong. They were wrong about Iraq, they were wrong about Russia. Sen. Biden wanted to divide Iraq into three different countries. He voted against the first Gulf War. Sen. Obama has no experience whatsoever and has been wrong in the issues that he’s been involved in.