I didn’t expect…

There are times I feel we delude ourselves into believing things that we know aren’t true. There are some things that are so common that it’s really foolish to set false expectations. Common sense may not be so common. ‘Trust and verify’, and ‘everything changes’ are phrases that get me through the day. Here are a few items I hear people say “I didn’t expect…” that come to mind for me. Do you have any to add?

I didn’t expect…

  • that politician to lie
  • those cops to abuse their power
    • For these first two my statement is simple: power corrupts. Always.
  • my favorite food to be taken off the menu
  • my favorite restaurant to close
  • my neighborhood to change
  • my friends to say the wrong thing when trying to support me
  • this food to go bad so fast
  • people to take what I said the wrong way
  • that fire to spread so quickly
  • to outgrow these pants
  • my family to be so different than me
  • MY kid to be the bully
  • my dog to attack the little one
  • adulting would have so much responsibility
  • to get so drunk on those tequila shots
  • someone I know to see me at that place
  • so many people to get upset about my social media posts
  • someone from my area to do that horrible thing
  • that glue to dry so fast
  • those fumes to overwhelm me
  • the weather in Denver to change so quickly and that I’d need a jacket
  • to see a lifestyle different than mine in public
  • that I’d be the one getting in trouble

Some of these are fun, but others are way too serious, and too common.