If you were there

Crap. I had a great story I was going to share about the day before the Declaration of Independence was signed. How John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington were sitting around talking about it before getting ready for the big day tomorrow. How they were going to stop at the bank on the way over. How they were teasing Hancock that he would chicken out. Great story.

Unfortunately, too much of what I understood as how it happened was completely fabricated, so my story would have been ripped to shreds by historians. Here is a more accurate version of the story if you are interested. Makes me pretty pissed about the illustration of the signing day that is on the back of the $2. Apparently everyone knows about this lie but me.

So I’ll just tell you that I had a dream last night of interviewing a new person at work, and James and I walking him over to show him the dolphin training pool. I thought this was the funniest dream in the world because I don’t interview new people at work.