It’s everywhere. And it calls to me.

Literally everywhere. In the true sense of the word literal. Every where. If there is a place, it is there. Calling, laughing, taunting me. “Here I am Bryan! Look this way! Oh, over here! I’m interesting! Wait! How about me? Aren’t I interesting? Don’t you find me interesting?” Calling out from around corners, muffled sounds from behind doors, in glints of light and shadow dancing and playing in the detritus and debris that fills cracks in the street, in magnificent fascades of glass and steel that pretend to be aloof giants oblivious to the patter of our little feet echoing on the tiles. Don’t you find us interesting, Bryan?

And I do. Very interesting. Overwhelmingly. Paralyzingly. Painfully. Every single tiny little thing in every little place is certainly and specifically interesting in it’s own unique way. It brings me here in a whirl of sounds and sights and smells and feelings and dreams and nightmares spinning and swirling above below behind it breaks a crashing wave churning colored foamed vibrance mixing melding moving on and away in frenzied dissssssipation. The hisss fadess in high echoes as it crashes the ssand.

The sparks left behind crack, spit off my skin cutting stinging of itches relieved, only returning recharging ions. Remaining threaded to origins, hooked threads pulling back into the waves and wind. I step they pull, I resist they pull, I submit they pull. They pull.

Towered lights mark the path behind, the way back. Unstoppable forces and immutable voices against a faint glimmer in a vast vast horizon. Faint, fading, finding a way back to another everywhere.