It’s not like that

It’s not like I’ve had nothing to write. I’ve written tons of notes on ideas that have come into my head since last we spoke. Great ideas, terrible, but great. In fact I read through a bunch the other week and decided to do a little hearts and flowers break. Things are getting to me a lot lately. I’m on edge. There’s a lot going on. The world is in that chaotic state it gets in before massive change. I’m trying and hoping the change will be for the better but there are trainwreck of self-centered you-must-live-the-purist-fantasy-my-cult-pretends-to-live prick wads that are trying to force their shitocracy on everyone. My work is repeating the same disposable component staff brought in to make it look like someone is trying cycle. But other than that it’s ok.

So I’m going to try to write it out more. There’s so much input that I need but there’s no place for it to go. More and more coming in, building up, getting compressed. No output, no exit. Like eating and never pooping. Makes me fat and full of shit. And I have have gained a few pounds since the last post. I need to make changes, do something to control the input stream. Make it for me again. Was it ever?

Need to start working off the shit weight one letter at a time. Let’s start the ride and see where it goes.