Kicking virginity in the Austin

NOTE: I found this draft post that I wrote the night before Aim went to the hospital in Austin. Funny to read it knowing what happens next.

This is it. My first trip to South by Southwest Interactive geekfest in Austin. Aim has been there for the last few years an she always comes back tired and energized. There is supposedly a lot going on, but I’m not calling it until I see it. Lots of friends are going to be there from all over the country, so it will be great to see them. There will also be about half the tech population of Boulder migrating to the Boulder of the South, so if I need to get bailed out of jail, we should be able to take up a collection.

There are a lot of sessions about using game mechanics outside of the pure game realm this year, which will be a blast for me. I’m going to see as much as I can on this to apply in my game class. The more references beyond my own experiences the better. Hopefully I can find some more teaching tools this weekend too.