Mom’s Fridge

No matter what drawing, sketch, sculpture, or piece of trash I’d give my mom, she would always gush over it saying how wonderful it was, and she would put it up on the fridge for everyone who came to the house to see. We didn’t really have much company, so this was a pretty safe approach. Now that I live 2000 miles away, she’s not as dedicated to the cause.

I was cleaning up my in-house office space the other night and found some sketchbooks. Nothing amazing, but some fun stuff. I’m using this post as my fridge. Just some stuff to remind me of moments of creating. Feel free to ignore me.

Zombie: This guy shows up every so often. He’ll get a comic strip one day.

Vulture: Sometimes vulture, sometimes turtle. He’s a cutie.

Skull: Not as cute. I wasn’t in the best frame of mind this night.

Angry Pooh: But I wasn’t nearly as mad as Pooh. He was PISSED!

Rabbit: Rabbit went on a 2 week bender and came back all “I need money for rent…” Back to rehab, fuzz tail. I have a work in progress animation about him on Easter Sunday. Bad, bad, rabbit.

Lawman: This guy shows up all the time. He’s got a swagger and style all his own.

ManHead: A jaw built for chewing.

Stagecoach: Must have been feeling a bit Western this night. Or was I feeling Country? Either way, now the lawman has a way home.

Machine: If the stage coach isn’t good enough, how about something a little more gritty?

Man: A bit more optical.

Woman: Behind every man is a good woman. Or a screaming banshee cackling like a hyena.

Capone: A man and his lady for the evening.

Happy: This one just makes me happy. A girl and her teddy.

Bath: Ever feel like the world is a blasting shower of acid torrenting down on you in a deluge of burn? I remember this night.

Dresser: Whew, glad that shower is over.

Entrance: This is the entrance to BgxLabs. It’s a massive underground complex originally called Area 13, and right under Table Mesa. Nike accidentally outed it’s existence when they tried to build their headquarters there.

Eye: I’m watching you. Always watching.

You wouldn’t believe the things I see. Or maybe you would! We should talk more. Leave a comment.