My research is complete

Knowledge is vital. Proven knowledge. Tested, verified, and fact based knowledge. And while I have found academia to be a pompous naval gazing circle of terrified rule followers trained to be subservient to a patriarchal self-congratulating hierarchy of punishment bearing overlords, I do have a healthy appreciation for learning, reading, experimental observation, critical thinking, challenging assumptions and the scientific method. I also greatly appreciate those who have the intelligence, patience, and fortitude to diligently focus on the details of a subject, learning the inner workings of a concept to provide the ever elusive and evolving essence of truth buried deep within a topic.

There is also a partner to knowledge that cannot be ignored. The often referred to yet never listed in the bibliography ’common sense’. Common sense can often be based in something that was once vaguely similar to knowledge, but over time it has been slowly disconnected from it’s original logical stream and is never guaranteed to be of use. Much of it is uncommonly nonsensical, yet still accepted and regurgitated as ‘truth for all’ instead of the ’truth for my unique specific untested circumstances.’

The above reasons were the seeds of my most recent research. I have listened to the discussions, heated controversies, diverse perspectives, and enthusiastic input from as many sides as have been available to me in our modern overly connected world. I felt it was important to take in as much input as possible, process and evaluate the merits of each component, and then generate my own, defendable with my own research conclusion that I could then distill down to a clear and understandable statement to be shared with those with whom I associate. They are welcome to challenge my research, and question my findings. I will not waver. I have found what I know to be true.

Having COVID is not pleasant. I did not like it. Zero stars. Not recommended.