My superpowers

LilF and I have gotten into discussions about superpowers. If we could have any, what would they be? The discussion started with what one superpower would you want, and has grown to 3 powers, just to make it interesting. I think he has increased the number to make the conversation last longer, and to try to draw me out of my reserved shell.
We’ve been talking about this for about two years, and I am amazed at how his wishes have evolved and how sophisticated his powers are becoming. They used to be things like “I want to be able to turn rocks into black beans so we can eat them.” or “Make stuffed animals come to life.” or even “Make dull time go fast and fun time go slow.”
I like to ask him what he would do with his powers. How would he apply his amazing ability to the world we live in? His answers are always interesting and rarely the same, so I’m sure he considers these things for days at a time. “I’d turn all the rocks around a bully into beans and he’d get stuck, then when the ants ate the beans, he could go free.” “I’d send out the stuffed animals to be waiters so we don’t have to wait so long at restaurants.” “I’d make our breakfast last all day.”
I love that there is a logical structure to it all, but it’s new. It’s his own net logic where things are loosely coupled, related but not permanently linked, and fluid within a structure. When I don’t pick up on the structure, I get lectured that I am not paying attention, and I shouldn’t be so rude. It’s not being rude, you are just talking crazy, Professor Xavier. Move on to the next power. Sometimes I can’t help but ask odd questions just to be a moron. He gets so mad.
Now, they are getting abstract. “i want to make anything stick together.” “I want to be able to eat with my belly button.” I won’t tell his most recent because he’ll write that on his own blog, and I really couldn’t do it justice. It’s amazingly complicated and techy, so I just beam with pride every time he tells me and it gets more and more elaborate.
Since we’re talking about it, here are my chosen powers:
First, and the most lasting one for me is to be able to speak and understand any language. I use the term language loosely as any form of communication between beings. And to understand is to grasp and process the meaning and intent of the speaker, not just translate the words. Grasp the cultural tone and richness that saturates our ways of communication. Truly connect and communicate. That would be fun, and would make travel easier.
Second power, hands down is being able to fly. Up up and away and all that jazz. Weak, I know. Screw it. I want to fly. Fast. High. Loops and rolls. Blast through clouds, and dive through hurricanes. Watch an all day sunset, or run from sunrise until I see tomorrow. The day I can fly don’t expect me to be in town for a few days. I’m going to go talk to people, and tell them I can fly.
Third power for some reason has to be the ability to shoot marshmallows out of the palms of my hands. Ironman has jets, Spiderman has webs, and Yoda has the force. I want marshmallow shooters. Not high powered ones, just 5 to 10 feet maybe. And they would make that fun Pop sound when they come out too. Imagine talking with someone and Pop! Right in the forehead. Driving in traffic and someone cruises past Pop! In their car window. Flying next to a jet liner and roasting a few in the engine for the trip home. So much fun.
Oh well, unless LilF gets the power to distribute superpowers, I guess I’m stuck with my one unique ability- finding the exact wrong topic to bring up with new people I meet. But that’s another story.