New Spam Trend

I mentioned a while back how I was a little disappointed that I no longer got the “Cum look at porn” spam and was only getting the “Big Pharma-Invest in this stock” spam.

So now it has happened again. Apparently I am no longer on the flacid medicated money grubber list, I am now on the “Men with tiny weenies and sad wives” list.

Again, I’m not sure how to take this. At least before they thought I was wealthy and contributing to society. Now they think I am just sitting at home with my small penis, wishing I could satisfy my frustrated wife.

Is there an established structure for progressing through these stages? Some marketing guru creates an algorithm stating, “If he doesn’t respond to porn in 10,000 tries, he’s greedy. If he doesn’t respond to greed in 10,000 tries, he has a small member.”

What’s next? “Nope. No replies on small penis ads, he must collect die-cast miniatures of political candidates. What a sicko. Send the next wave of messages.” I wonder how long until I get messages about those painted collectors plates? How can I get back in the good graces of the amateur porn industry?