New Year for the Frogs

It’s the end and beginning of yet another year, and not to seem non creative, but it’s time yet again to reflect and plan on appropriate sides of this annual stick in the ground.
First, for the reflecting. This year has been a definite upswing over the last few.
Family healthy
LilF changing from elementary to middle school
New job
Teaching new classes

Now how about some of the ol’ look forward, eh? What do I want to be able to put here next year?
More family focus time – recovering for the last few years took some extra time and effort away from us
Game project – I’ve planned for it for a while, and know what it should be, I just need to do it. It seems I can find the time to commit to an extra class, but for bad reasons, this one falls out of the priority list.
Pick the Weather – another suffering project that I want to work on
Fix the house – home maintenance needs to be done
Audio streaming – last year I worked on live video streaming for Tellerpalooza and it was fun. But mobile broadband is still crappy. I want to experiment with live audio only at bars this year. I think it could be a great way for people to get a taste of the great live music available.