No Real Gravity

For a while now, I have been wondering if there really is any force called gravity. It is the big problem in all the physics calculations, so what if gravity doesn’t exist as a force. What if gravity is a secondary effect of something else. Like inertia possibly?

Let’s say there was a big bang, and everything is flying away from some point in the universe as fast as can be. If the same amount of force was pushing out in all directions, wouldn’t the places with more matter start to slow down sooner? It would take more energy to push them, so they would slow down a little. Well if the fabric of space time was the stuff being pushed out away from a center point, places where there was more matter would create dents, like the way gravity is explained by putting a bowling ball on a big rubber sheet.

This would make a black hole pretty simple too. It has so much mass that it has dragged to far back from the fabric of space time that we reside it and possibly even ripped the fabric and lopped of a little bubble of some space-time fabric in a little doily that is still moving behind our plane of space-time. Our plane may still be able to be influenced by the trailing doilies, possibly explaining the dark matter/energy that we seem to be finding these days. Maybe the universe has layers like an onion, that while seemingly separate, can influence and effect each other.

And about the expanding universe and some force that is pushing everything away from each other – anti-gravity- what if we are still in the early stage of the explosion where things are still accelerating? We haven’t slowed down yet. Since there shouldn’t be any force to slow us down, we might not.

I write about this now because in the March/April Seed Magazine, a scientist named Justin Khoury says “Einstein recognized that gravity was simply acceleration in disguise.” Apparently, there is some basis for acceleration, gravity and matter to be unified. Einstein gave up on it because he could never prove it, but Khoury may have hooked them all together.

Who knows, maybe my idea isn’t so crazy. Or maybe it is and smart people have already proved that it isn’t so good an idea.