Once I knew

Once I knew someone.

They understood. The world, life, love. Everything flowed.

Teach me. I said. I search, drift, haunted.

They replied. I don’t understand. I don’t know.

Prove myself, I thought.

I worked. Every day, I worked. I achieved. I moved. I shook. I conquered. I proved.

I returned. I asked. Teach me.

I don’t understand.

I pleaded. Teach me! You understand. Teach me. I begged.

I don’t know.

Teach me!
I screamed. I smashed. I destroyed.

I cried, alone.

I slept. forever.

I dreamed something. overthere. behind. one side. the other. always there. beyond. i followed. I walked. I ran.

it danced. drifted. jumped. twirled.

I chased. i lept. dove. flew! so close!

I stopped. someone grabbed me.


teach me.