Resolution Update

We all make resolutions while drunk or hung over around the new year holiday, but does anyone ever check up on us to see how we are doing? No? How about now! Where are we? Where’s the accountability in this process? If you want a change, start from the inside. So be it. Let’s see…

1. Figure out how to sleep. This has been a problem for a long time. I need to fix it. Actually this one is the most important.

  • So far, doing OK. Amazingly, the thing that seems to help me sleep best is…wait for it…Lunesta? no… Trazadone? no… Ambian? no… Caffeine for the win! Coffee before bed puts me to sleep. Fucked up? Yes. Will I still do it? You bet your sweet starbuck I will.

2. Maya 3D king. That is what I will be known as by the end of the year. Modeling, texturing, and animation in Maya.

  • This has slowed to an amazingly disgusting crawl. I hate myself. The one thing I really really want to do since I was a tiny boy (besides Bjork) and I am moving nowhere. I will be teaching a course in Game Design at a community college in the fall though. That should count for something.

3. Exercise at least 3 times a week. Climbing, elliptical, kayaking, whatever.

  • How about once every 3 weeks? Does that count? I have gotten into skateboarding and am doing well. Once the bruises heal up I’ll be able to walk and get back out there.

4. Eat more salads. I like salads. This shouldn’t be to hard.

  • Pretty good here. Maybe too many. I fart a lot.

5. Try to have a date night each month with Aimee.

  • Depends. If you count hanging out with school parents or blog friends a date, then awesome. We are kicking ass.

6. Make home desk comfortable.

  • Closer. Just need a better chair now. I cut the legs shorter on my desk.

7. Grow a good garden that actually produces food.

  • Kicking ass here. Big zucchini plants, squash plants, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. Just need to get rid of that damn mildew shit.

8. Hike and camp several times this year. Take Declan out camping.

  • We have camped once in the yard. Not so good.

9. Have more fun with Jeff.

  • Jeff and I haven’t done much since our Magical Whiskey tour, sampling whiskey from every bar downtown and we woke up wearing someone else’s clothes. I wonder if that isn’t a coincidence?

10. Read more.

  • Did I mention I have a 5 year old? When I find time, I find no book. When I find book, no time. Who invented these damn things?

11. Don’t waste time futzing on the internet (this blog doesn’t count as futzing.) This one alone should free up enough time to do all the others.

  • Have made some progress here. Not futzing as much, but still not getting anything else done. Have moved the futzing more into work time.

12. Travel around in Colorado somewhere. We live in an amazing state. We should see it.

  • Um, no. Not yet. Soon. Really.

13. Keep a good attitude and don’t get bogged down by all the crud that seems to crop up. None of it matters, get past it.

  • Some improvements here. I have lately started chanting to myself things reminding me of my incredibly small role in the universe and repeating over and over that everyone else are a bunch of acidic ass-tard fweep-monks that should get horked out of the sinuses of a giant Snot Beast. Fuck them. Then I feel a little better. OK, maybe I’m still working on this one too.

How about you?