Resolution Wrap Up

Make a plan, follow through with your plan, evaluate your plan. Improve your plan for next time. Learn from it. Here’s how last year’s resolutions went:

(Here’s a link to the mid year evaluation if you are interested, too. HOP )

FINAL SCORE: Of a possible 13 points (full point for success, half point for progress) I have 6 points. While some would consider this a solid F, I consider it halfway there. You have to start somewhere, right?

A more detailed review is below if you care, but it really doesn’t matter either way. I’m on to the new year. 2009, watch out! Oh, and I’m probably moving doing related stuff over to the bgxlabs blog at See you there. The more ranty, personal crap might stay here. Not sure.

2008 Resolutions

1. Figure out how to sleep. This has been a problem for a long time. I need to fix it. Actually this one is the most important.

  • Caffeine is doing the trick for me. I’m sticking with it.

2. Maya 3D king. That is what I will be known as by the end of the year. Modeling, texturing, and animation in Maya.

  • FAIL

3. Exercise at least 3 times a week. Climbing, elliptical, kayaking, whatever.

  • FAIL

4. Eat more salads. I like salads. This shouldn’t be to hard.

  • Great here. Holidays have interrupted the plan a little, but still good.

5. Try to have a date night each month with Aimee.

  • Depends. If you count hanging out with school parents or blog friends a date, then awesome. We are kicking ass.

6. Make home desk comfortable.

  • Pretty good here. Got a used chair and am pretty set.

7. Grow a good garden that actually produces food.

  • Did well with the zuks. Mildew never went away, but next time will be better.

8. Hike and camp several times this year. Take Declan out camping.

  • FAIL

9. Have more fun with Jeff.

  • Jeff has been taking classes just as I have been teaching them. FAIL.

10. Read more.

  • Have a few cool magazines I’m reading regularly, but not too much more than that. And the Tao most nights.

11. Don’t waste time futzing on the internet (this blog doesn’t count as futzing.) This one alone should free up enough time to do all the others.

  • Getting better. I recognize the futzing sooner and don’t call it “research” anymore.

12. Travel around in Colorado somewhere. We live in an amazing state. We should see it.

  • Shit. FAIL.

13. Keep a good attitude and don’t get bogged down by all the crud that seems to crop up. None of it matters, get past it.

  • A little better. Am trying to expand my life beyond just the things that bug me. Seems to help.