X Prize Cup

Would Goddard have even kept building rockets if he had to suffer the scrutiny that people on the experimental edge of technology have to suffer these days?

From the end of the article: “Overall, the festival seemed to be a metaphor for the private space industry: Despite everyone’s best efforts and enthusiasm, it’s not quite believable yet.”

It is not a severe dig against them, but the technical hurdles they are trying to overcome are pretty huge. It is just not believable? I disagree. It is totally believable, and will be done at some point, but just this one attempt failed. Big deal. I wonder if we should put the articles of every budding journalist under review by some mean old scientist as a proof and style reader. I bet we’d have a lot less journalists.

Do we as a culture try to rip everything down before it even has a chance to start? I wonder if we do and why.