Mind: a philosophy.

  • Find Me Here

    Since you’re here, you already know one place to find me in case the bird joint collapses. I won’t delete my account, but who knows what’s going to happen over there. Somehow, almost 3000 people still follow me for some reason, and I follow 2500 or so. I will miss everyone if things don’t work […]

  • Good run of shows

    I like live music, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t get to all of them. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon of sprints. There were so many shows that I missed. Thursday 9-29 – Shady Oaks Friday 9-30 – The Luka State – Micky James – Cousin Simple Saturday 10-1 – […]

  • San Pasqual Winery Bubble Room

    From another point in the room   Walk from hotel to Winery

  • San Diego 360s – Top of Hyatt

    Top of the Hyatt – Look around From a different point in the room. Click to view the San Pasqual Winery Bubble Room.

  • I didn’t expect…

    There are times I feel we delude ourselves into believing things that we know aren’t true. There are some things that are so common that it’s really foolish to set false expectations. Common sense may not be so common. ‘Trust and verify’, and ‘everything changes’ are phrases that get me through the day. Here are […]

  • Not even

    I was a kid once, maybe even twice. But both were a long time ago, and neither was very fulfilling. Lots of time spent waiting for things to happen, waiting for my turn, finding something else to keep my mind occupied in the meantime. The waiting even became the event at times. Let’s see if […]

  • My research is complete

    Knowledge is vital. Proven knowledge. Tested, verified, and fact based knowledge. And while I have found academia to be a pompous naval gazing circle of terrified rule followers trained to be subservient to a patriarchal self-congratulating hierarchy of punishment bearing overlords, I do have a healthy appreciation for learning, reading, experimental observation, critical thinking, challenging […]

  • It’s not like that

    It’s not like I’ve had nothing to write. I’ve written tons of notes on ideas that have come into my head since last we spoke. Great ideas, terrible, but great. In fact I read through a bunch the other week and decided to do a little hearts and flowers break. Things are getting to me […]

  • The Very Best

    [rant] I don’t need things to be ‘the ultimate best’, and I’m sick of all the freaking ads for the best socks, the best shoes ever made, the ultimate knife sharpener, the most amazing OMG you just HAVE TO HAVE these ultimate microfiber underwear, jeans, t-shirts, every freaking stupid little thing. WTF? Someone is profiting […]

  • 19 things I’ve learned during COVID-19

    In no particular order: Aimee is awesome at Mastermind. One bottle of wine can last 2 evenings. 4 bottles can last 3. Ketchup kinda is a vegetable. One bottle of whiskey can last 4 days, 2 bottles can last 5. Spaghetti sauce works on pasta, ramen, squash, and pop tarts. Gin is a vitamin. Birthday […]

  • Working on my writing…

    All work and no play makes Bug a dull boy. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood. All work and no play makes Bug a dull boy. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood. All work and no play makes Bug a dull boy. Passersby were amazed by the […]

  • Audio Streaming Testing

    Testing out embeding Mixlr   Bryan Bugfrog is on Mixlr

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