Find Me Here

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Since you’re here, you already know one place to find me in case the bird joint collapses. I won’t delete my account, but who knows what’s going to happen over there. Somehow, almost 3000 people still follow me for some reason, and I follow 2500 or so. I will miss everyone if things don’t work out. I’ve met so many incredible friends there. Heavy sigh. Which brings me to a statement I’ve been saying for a very long time: own your destination for your network.

Here are a few others:

  • Ello – I still have my @bugfrog Ello account from the first twitter exodus. They’ve done some interesting things over there, so if you like the creatives, check it out.
  • Mastodon – I signed up as . I need to explore more to find things that match my interests of music, fun, traveling, animation, and making internet things. I’m also interested how this could help the point above – if you set up your own server, you can own your account and use it to grow your network. Will a journalist accreditation organization create a server that they only allow verified and vetted journalists? That could be interesting. There are definite ways to create an identity-linked and protected social tool. It may not be foolproof, but the potential for improvement on current offerings is there.
  • Facebook – yeah, still there some. Bryan Giese
  • Instagram – this too. Bryan Bugfrog.
  • Counter Social – I am as well. A more guarded masto community.
  • Hive – I bee @bugfrog on Hive as well. Not using it a ton yet.
  • Peach – @bugfrog there as well. (Noticing a trend in naming?) I may be one of two people still using this app. It’s quiet there.
  • LinkedIn – this is for work of course. Bryangiese is my name there.
  • Tumblr – This is still running too! . I think it mostly feeds from here methinks.
  • YouTube –
  • Swarm – Bryan Bugfrog there, although I’m more selective about who i share locations with.
  • Yelp – Bryan B.
  • Twitch – Bugfrog

There are more, like if Venmo if you want to send me money, or Axs and LiveNation if we’re going to a show together, so ask if you need one of those. Slack, discord, Reddit, Teams, Xbox, Spotify, SoundCloud, BandCamp, Tripit, Tabs for guitar, Oro Visual Music, Snap, TikTok, Kik, NextDoor, on and on and on…

Generally search for Bugfrog and it may be me, or just come out to a show and we can talk in person.

Talk to you soon!

Good run of shows

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I like live music, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t get to all of them. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon of sprints.

There were so many shows that I missed.

Thursday 9-29

– Shady Oaks

Friday 9-30

– The Luka State

– Micky James

– Cousin Simple

Saturday 10-1

– Mother Mother

– Transviolet

– Vundabar

Sunday 10-2

– Oktoberfest Oompah Band

Monday 10-3

– Demi Lovato

– Royal & the Serpent

Tuesday 10-4

– Black Midi

– Quelle Chris

Wednesday 10-5


– Vacation

– Lawsuit Models

Thursday 10-6

– Bloodywood

– A Killer’s Confession

– Starwraith

Friday 10-7


– Badflower

– The Mysterines

Saturday 10-8

– Palaye Royale


– Starbenders

Sunday 10-9

– Front 242

– The Revolting Corpse

– DJ Slave1

San Pasqual Winery Bubble Room

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From another point in the room


Walk from hotel to Winery

San Diego 360s – Top of Hyatt

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Top of the Hyatt – Look around

From a different point in the room.

Click to view the San Pasqual Winery Bubble Room.

I didn’t expect…

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There are times I feel we delude ourselves into believing things that we know aren’t true. There are some things that are so common that it’s really foolish to set false expectations. Common sense may not be so common. ‘Trust and verify’, and ‘everything changes’ are phrases that get me through the day. Here are a few items I hear people say “I didn’t expect…” that come to mind for me. Do you have any to add?

I didn’t expect…

  • that politician to lie
  • those cops to abuse their power
    • For these first two my statement is simple: power corrupts. Always.
  • my favorite food to be taken off the menu
  • my favorite restaurant to close
  • my neighborhood to change
  • my friends to say the wrong thing when trying to support me
  • this food to go bad so fast
  • people to take what I said the wrong way
  • that fire to spread so quickly
  • to outgrow these pants
  • my family to be so different than me
  • MY kid to be the bully
  • my dog to attack the little one
  • adulting would have so much responsibility
  • to get so drunk on those tequila shots
  • someone I know to see me at that place
  • so many people to get upset about my social media posts
  • someone from my area to do that horrible thing
  • that glue to dry so fast
  • those fumes to overwhelm me
  • the weather in Denver to change so quickly and that I’d need a jacket
  • to see a lifestyle different than mine in public
  • that I’d be the one getting in trouble

Some of these are fun, but others are way too serious, and too common.

Not even

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I was a kid once, maybe even twice. But both were a long time ago, and neither was very fulfilling. Lots of time spent waiting for things to happen, waiting for my turn, finding something else to keep my mind occupied in the meantime. The waiting even became the event at times. Let’s see if I can hold my breath until the school bus comes. Can I hold my breath for the entire 45 minute ride to school? What if all day I only respond to human interaction with the sound ’meerp’, from sun up to sun down? I am from the planet meerp, you see, and this is how we communicate.

It was during this last project that I realized how infrequently anyone really cared to communicate with me. It seems the practice run conversations I had in my head all day weren’t what most would call ’real’. This was an important discovery. The idea that my view of self was different than everyone else’s was unexpected, and reinforced my belief that I was more perceptive than everyone else. I knew the truth of what was happening and who people really were. I was special. Unique. Gifted and talented.

Fortunately or not, in time, I grew up. I realized my powers of perception were not incredibly astute, my view of the world did not reveal the hidden thoughts and actions of truth, and most people saw me as pretty weird. Actually not weird. Over a few days, prompted by a middle manager minion of my nemesis hoard, several of my classes voted and decided I was odd. Not interesting enough to be weird. Just odd.

I was stunned. Deflated. Crushed even. I was odd? Not weird, interesting, confusing, deranged, concerningly unique? Just…odd. While I pondered this frustrating new label, one of many many labels they had attached to me through the years, I saw the deeper meaning. I saw the hidden truth the universe had slyly buried in their minds that they were not perceptive enough to see. All but one of the magical prime numbers are odd. Unique, yet inclusive. Half of all numbers are odd! I am infinite! I am legion! Once again, my enemies had failed in their attempt to restrain me. I could continue my life’s work of remaking the world to match my superior vision.

Side note: Fox News is not going to air the January 6 Insurrection congressional hearing. Odd.

My research is complete

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Knowledge is vital. Proven knowledge. Tested, verified, and fact based knowledge. And while I have found academia to be a pompous naval gazing circle of terrified rule followers trained to be subservient to a patriarchal self-congratulating hierarchy of punishment bearing overlords, I do have a healthy appreciation for learning, reading, experimental observation, critical thinking, challenging assumptions and the scientific method. I also greatly appreciate those who have the intelligence, patience, and fortitude to diligently focus on the details of a subject, learning the inner workings of a concept to provide the ever elusive and evolving essence of truth buried deep within a topic.

There is also a partner to knowledge that cannot be ignored. The often referred to yet never listed in the bibliography ’common sense’. Common sense can often be based in something that was once vaguely similar to knowledge, but over time it has been slowly disconnected from it’s original logical stream and is never guaranteed to be of use. Much of it is uncommonly nonsensical, yet still accepted and regurgitated as ‘truth for all’ instead of the ’truth for my unique specific untested circumstances.’

The above reasons were the seeds of my most recent research. I have listened to the discussions, heated controversies, diverse perspectives, and enthusiastic input from as many sides as have been available to me in our modern overly connected world. I felt it was important to take in as much input as possible, process and evaluate the merits of each component, and then generate my own, defendable with my own research conclusion that I could then distill down to a clear and understandable statement to be shared with those with whom I associate. They are welcome to challenge my research, and question my findings. I will not waver. I have found what I know to be true.

Having COVID is not pleasant. I did not like it. Zero stars. Not recommended.

It’s not like that

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It’s not like I’ve had nothing to write. I’ve written tons of notes on ideas that have come into my head since last we spoke. Great ideas, terrible, but great. In fact I read through a bunch the other week and decided to do a little hearts and flowers break. Things are getting to me a lot lately. I’m on edge. There’s a lot going on. The world is in that chaotic state it gets in before massive change. I’m trying and hoping the change will be for the better but there are trainwreck of self-centered you-must-live-the-purist-fantasy-my-cult-pretends-to-live prick wads that are trying to force their shitocracy on everyone. My work is repeating the same disposable component staff brought in to make it look like someone is trying cycle. But other than that it’s ok.

So I’m going to try to write it out more. There’s so much input that I need but there’s no place for it to go. More and more coming in, building up, getting compressed. No output, no exit. Like eating and never pooping. Makes me fat and full of shit. And I have have gained a few pounds since the last post. I need to make changes, do something to control the input stream. Make it for me again. Was it ever?

Need to start working off the shit weight one letter at a time. Let’s start the ride and see where it goes.

The Very Best

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[rant] I don’t need things to be ‘the ultimate best’, and I’m sick of all the freaking ads for the best socks, the best shoes ever made, the ultimate knife sharpener, the most amazing OMG you just HAVE TO HAVE these ultimate microfiber underwear, jeans, t-shirts, every freaking stupid little thing.

WTF? Someone is profiting from positioning mundane shit as luxury goods, and trying to make me feel like shit for not having the ultimate fucking comb? Screw you people. I don’t need your overpriced pretentious shit, and my life has enough going on that I’m not worried about if my socks don’t wick the last 2% of moisture off my gnarly feet. At this point I’m surprised I haven’t accidentally chopped one foot off somehow, and that’s about as much thought as I give them.

I don’t fault you for trying to make money off of stupid shit made for stupid people. Actually I do, you wanks. There are a ton of real fucking problems and needs you could be applying your talents to, and you have to hock a military grade titanium tie tack that will never accidentally unhook and  leave you with a floppity tie. Boo-hoo fuckwad nobody fucking cares about your tie and if they do and you get upset by it, reassess your priorities.

I get that everybody has their ‘thing’ and some people get annoyed by a lumpy sock texture, so sure buy whatever you want to make you happy. It doesn’t make you a better person and it’s all just shit that somebody  has to burn after you are dead. I also get that I’m a grumpy low-rent shit and you don’t care about my opinion. That’s why it’s here, and not in an ad promoted in between photos of your family. Have a great day with your ‘too sensitive for cotton’ taint. [/rant]

Have a great day and we’ll all get through this COVID crap together!

19 things I’ve learned during COVID-19

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In no particular order:

  • Aimee is awesome at Mastermind.
  • One bottle of wine can last 2 evenings. 4 bottles can last 3.
  • Ketchup kinda is a vegetable.
  • One bottle of whiskey can last 4 days, 2 bottles can last 5.
  • Spaghetti sauce works on pasta, ramen, squash, and pop tarts.
  • Gin is a vitamin.
  • Birthday cake Oreos are an abomination.
  • No matter what you do, someone will complain.
  • There is always another dandelion.
  • Dishwashers don’t.
  • Our bartenders are our friends and we miss them.
  • Most things in our house we never touch.
  • Communicating clearly is a skill.
  • I believe people act with good intentions. Even the morons. It’s a lie, but it feels better inside believing this.
  • Nightmares come from cats licking your feet as you sleep.
  • Clean and dirty are abstract states that flow across a transformative spectrum of being and have little relation to modern life.
  • Antiperspirant is pore glue.
  • People who are shitty during tough times should and will be eliminated from my life.
  • Uncertainty makes people fearful and thoughtless.
  • Some food lasts longer than I thought, some rots quickly in dramatic style.
  • Counting things is overrated.
  • Using puppets as bathroom attendants is more awkward than expected.
  • Our electrical circuits need to be re-balanced somehow.
  • Some people. Amirite?
  • Half-empty or half-full doesn’t matter if it’s milk. It’s all about timing.